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We formed through recognition that Executive Resourcing is not delivering the value it should as it has become, for many, too transactional. At Robert Cavendish, we Care about the talent we recruit for you as we recognise that in today’s increasingly competitive market, identifying the best talent has increasingly become the number one creator of competitive advantage.

In taking the time to understand not only your immediate needs, but also the wider context surrounding the role (such as the team dynamics, the key objectives and aspirations of the organisation), we are able to give you a candidate that will deliver the results you need to stay ahead of the competition. We do this quicker than our competitors as we know our space better than they do, thus creating better value for you! 


Yes, we need to know about the role, but we would also like to spend more time with you and the team to build a more complete picture to select against – This is so we get the right skills to deliver value quickly.


All of our candidates are interviewed by us. This is a comprehensive process and includes face to face or virtual meetings, informal references and personality testing – This is so you only see candidates that are right for the role.

How Robert Cares

Some of the things we use to create Talent solutions bespoke to you


The candidates will all be capable of doing the job and doing it well. They will each have an in depth understanding about the opportunity (subject to your need for confidentiality), so you can focus on the cultural fit and dynamics.


Whilst we might be busy resourcing, selecting and placing individuals, we always have the time to check in regularly with both our Clients and Candidates. We want to make sure the Talent we place is a fit for your organisation and delivers over time.

When we talk about Care, we mean in the broader sense our ability to get you the Talent you need, when you need it. To do this it is important for us to understand how your business operation works and what the wider company culture, goals & ways of working are.

‘Caring’ for us is about bringing you the right talent to not only deliver the functional aspects of the role, but to also contribute to the wider business community, thus allowing you to be more productive, quicker and with longevity.

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Our Expertise

We are not fresh to resourcing at an Executive level. We have been doing this for over 15 years, nonetheless, with a fresh approach. One that some talk about, but do not do. Hence why we formed RC.

Our expertise has been built in one of the toughest markets, Retail Financial Services, placing senior roles for brands with a national and international presence. We bring that expertise to the formation of RC, a new approach built on firm foundations.